Local Business Prefer Operating Locally

One of the most important things to local businesses is that they are local. Local businesses generally do not cater as much to those who operate online or those who travel around for business purposes. They prefer those local customers, and it’s easy to see why: local customers know all about local events, local places to go and local laws and regulations.

Not all businesses are the same, some local businesses have the capability to operate outside their local area such as a local gift store that has the capacity to make sales online. Businesses such as furniture movers, mechanics, gardeners and landscapers mainly provide a service and a majority of their work comes from local customers simply because operating outside of their local area cuts into their profits. Operating further away from their base increases expenses and the only way to cover that is to pass it onto customers. Unless the customers are happy to cover the additional costs, which is quite rare, business owners tend to choose not to work outside of their locale.

Likewise it may not be financially sensible for a customer to choose services from a business that is not within their local area. If you are moving house 5km away from where you currently live, you wouldn’t choose a mover that is based on the other side of town because it is inconvenient and would most likely cost more. If you need your front lawn mowed, you would probably have more success with a local business rather than one that has to travel 40 minutes to the job site. Small businesses play an important role in the economy and local businesses improve the overall convenience in a community by offering their services locally so customers don’t have to look very far. Local businesses prefer local customers and it makes sense that local customers should support there local businesses which will help the local economy prosper.

Ways to help your local business:

  • Choosing to shop local when you can and support small business.
  • Your local toy store, florist, bicycle store or fashion store may provide delivery or online checkouts if you cannot attend the store.
  • Ask your local handy man if they do rubbish removalist jobs while they are servicing your property.
  • Purchase gift cards from your favourite local store to use later or as gifts and presents.
  • Recommend local services and share menus from restaurants on your social groups.
  • Provide a tip if you think the service you received was great.
  • Buy fresh produce from small business grocers instead of large supermarket chains.
  • Collaborate with local business when promoting products and services.
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